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Key benefits


SummaryPro massively increases your speed.  Updating the Plan on a Page doesn’t require any analysis or checking what has changed as the summary is driven directly by the plan.  Just a few clicks updates the plan. 

You’re able to place comments on the plan next to items that have changed or need explanation.

Updating the summary is easy with a simple copy and paste of information and a few clicks to update.  What used to take effort and time can now be done in a few minutes.

Repeatable.  It is quick and easy to re-run a summary and it will always report the same items from the detailed plan.

Consistency.  Different summaries from the same plan automatically agree with each other.  You can re-use a successful summary as a template for other reports giving a similar look across different summaries.

A professional look and feel to the summary helps increase communication and acceptance of the summary plan.

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You have control of the formatting of all elements of the summary – a better plan your way.

You can include any milestone, task or summary task and any combination of these in your summary.

It is quick and easy to make changes; add a new line, group items into a new swim lane, change colours and names, amend the time scales or add comments.

Able to receive data from a wide range of sources (MS Project, Excel, Primavera etc.) – anything that can generate a table of dates should be able to drive your summary.

You can output in any format Visio can save to (including PDF and JPEG) or copy and paste out into any suitable program.

The same plan can drive many summaries for different audiences.

You can summarise more than one plan at a time.


SummaryPro is driven directly by the detailed project plan with no interpretation or human errors.  This also tend to lead to better quality planning and maintenance of the detailed plan.

You can summarise a complex or large plan into an easy to communicate “plan on a page”.

You can display key dependencies identified in the detailed plan so your audience can see their impact.

The critical path and progress data from the detailed plan can be displayed if required

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