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SummaryPro Manual

Click the button below to display the manual in PDF format.  The first section of the manual is designed to walk you through a very simple Plan on a Page summary, however, the rest of the manual is designed to be referenced as needed.


The manual covers:

Getting started

  • Steps to getting started
  • Getting to know SummaryPro
  • A quick introduction to using SummaryPro
  • Introducing the Excel Engine
  • Introducing the Visio Display
  • How to make a new Summary / Plan on a Page

1st steps - a detailed guide to setting up your first Summary Plan

  • Create a simple 5 task plan
  • Adding Comments
  • Updating an existing plan
  • Adding or removing rows
  • Change how milestones display
  • Outputting the summary

Changing the appearance of bars

  • Changing the bar height
  • Changing Font
  • Adding colours
  • How to stop a bar displaying
  • What do the colours on the Bar Details sheet mean?
  • Using a report as a template

Baseline. RAG and Progress bars

  • Displaying % complete
  • Adding a baseline
  • Displaying the baseline
  • Hide RAG, Progress and/or Baseline

Adding other elements

  • Blank rows
  • Swim lanes
  • Overlay tasks
  • Symbols
  • Attachment points and why
  • Status and target lines

Page settings


  • Introducing the available options
  • What happens when tasks fall outside the report
  • Introducing the controls available
  • Formatting timescales
  • Floating timescales

Explanation of all items in the Standard Settings sheet

Importing data to drive milestones and bars

  • Introducing data requirements
  • Primavera
  • Project
  • Project On Line
  • Excel
  • SAP
  • Smartsheet
  • Emails / no plan - entering directly into SummaryPro
  • Combining multiple data sources


  • Introduction
  • Setting up the data to allow dependencies to be shown
  • Importing dependencies
  • Defining the dependencies
  • Formatting dependencies
  • The Visio display element
  • Using MS Project to track and export dependencies


  • Macro Security
  • What happens in Excel and what is controlled in Visio
  • Something has gone wrong - fault finding and causes of errors.


  • Moving SummaryPro to another machine
  • Cancelling my licence
  • Adding more machines / licences