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Frequently Asked Questions

We've provided the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions here but if you still have a query, please contact us.


Why is SummaryPro a Macro and not an application?

The evolution of SummaryPro over the years was as a set of macros within Excel and Visio.  Doing this enables SummaryPro to take advantage of the power of Excel and Visio.  A significant advantage of has always been the ease of transport between sites and clients, without needing to ask the local IT department to package it up.

Why should I trust you and your Macro?

Macro enabled files have been used to spread malware so people and organisations are justifiably wary of them.  So why can you trust SummaryPro?  Only you can make these decisions however key pointers that this isn’t dangerous include:

  • The Excel and Visio macros as code signed using an Extended Validation Code Signing Certificates (EV) which means that an external body has verified our identify so you know that the code is as we designed it and has not been tampered with.
  • Malware usually presents as something for nothing or URGENT!, whereas SummaryPro is a product which you decide when and if you want to buy.
  • As you can see from the About Us page, Miles has been a successful planner, PMO lead and project manager for many years and has a reputation to maintain. Selling malware would not be good for this!  Basically you can be confident because there’s nothing in it for him to sell malware.
  • A lot of time and money has been spent setting this site up to be successful and we want SummaryPro to work for you and improve your working life.

If you would have bought SummaryPro if it wasn’t a macro please get in touch to let us know – this might help justify a separate product which doesn’t have the advantages of the macro solution but addresses this specific concern.

Can SummaryPro work with my planning tool?

If you can copy and paste the required information it will work for you.  The required information is a table of:

  • Reference Number (1-200)
  • Name (this is optional but useful when setting up the summary)
  • Start Date
  • Finish date
  • Is the date a milestone (Yes/No)

The other columns provide more information for the report (see below) however with the above you can produce and maintain a SummaryPro plan on a page. 

The function of the other columns:

  • Baseline Start & Finish – allows you to show a baseline in the report
  • % Complete – drives the completion line which is displayed below the main bar if you want.
  • RAG – displays the Red / Amber / Green bar below the main display bar if you chose.
  • Critical? and Total Slack – allows the display of the critical path as calculated in your planning tool.
  • File name - you can chose to show the name of the project plan which provided the data
  • Status Date – drives the “Today” line if you chose to display it.
We have tested this with MS Project, MS Excel, SmartSheets, SAP and Primavera and aim to test with more products as our testing program expands.  Please use your free trial to confirm that SummaryPro works with your tool and get in touch if you have any issues.

Do I need Visio?

Yes!  It is also a brilliant tool for producing all sorts of diagrams, flow charts etc.

What versions of Excel and Visio does SummaryPro work with?

I have used all versions of Excel and Visio from 2003 to 2016 and Office 365 with SummaryPro.

How can I make a suggestion? (can SummaryPro do this….) 

Either send us an email of or get in touch on the forum, in this way other people can also contribute their thoughts and help refine the idea.  If appropriate and possible the idea will then be included in a future release.

If it is already possible to achieve your goal with SummaryPro then you will receive feedback and others will also benefit from the improved understanding of SummaryPro.

How much does it cost?

There are two ways to use SummaryPro; subscription and one time purchase.  Subscription costs £18 per month and one time purchase is £420 (inc VAT).  There are volume discounts of course with the option of varying the level of support. 

At these prices SummaryPro pays quickly pays for itself just in terms of time savings (ignoring all the other benefits around ease, transparency, aesthetics, flexibility and control).   

There is also a 10 day trial so you can experience the benefits and explore the power of SummaryPro with no risk.

To try or buy please visit the trial page

How many machines can I install SummaryPro onto?

The licence is tied to a machine, please note that it can’t be installed on a server. Once SummaryPro is set up on your machine you can obviously produce as many reports as you need and these reports will run on that machine or any other machine equipped with a licence.

How do I move SummaryPro to a new machine?

You will simply cancel the subscription on the original machine and install it on the new one, this is covered in the manual.