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Your plan, your way

show what you want | how you want

When you set up the Plan on a Page you have complete control over what appears in the plan and how it looks. 

Anything from your detailed plan can appear in the summary, grouped in whatever way you want.  You can select any milestone, task, summary or combination of these to drive any bar on the summary chart. 

Baseline, RAG and progress
Critical path
Special and swim lanes

Powerful Bars and milestones

  • You set the size, colour, line details and transparency of the bars and milestones
  • Milestones can either show RAG, custom colours or be simple white diamonds.
  • You chose the name of each bar, you’re not constrained by the name used in the plan. This is especially useful when you have combined various items in the detailed plan into one bar.
  • Display information from the detailed plan on progress (% complete)
  • Highlight the critical path using details from the detailed plan.
  • If you have assigned a RAG colour to the tasks in the plan SummaryPro can display this in your summary plan.
  • Bars can cover more than one line, useful if you have a group of items feeding into one task or something that spans swim lanes.
  • SummaryPro allows you to allocate more than one line in your detailed plan (be that summary, task or milestone) to any given task bar in your summary. This allows fine control of what the summary plan is reporting and frees the plan from the constrains of the reporting to be done from the plan.
  • SummaryPro can display baseline information (or hide it) in a clear and easy to read manner (as can be expected the detail of the formatting of the baseline bars and milestones is under your control).
  • Milestones can either show a reference, the date or contain no name and if an item is a milestone SummaryPro changes a bar into a milestone automatically.

Other items you can display

  • Dependencies identified in the detailed plans can be displayed in SummaryPro
  • Comments can be added as required either free floating or attached to bars or milestones.
  • Specific dates of interest can be indicated with interesting marks (exclamations marks, ticks etc)
  • Project targets (for instance Go Live dates) can be added to the plan as vertical lines across the whole plan
  • Curtains of time can be used to show key periods or phases.
  • Status date shows when the details plan was updated.
  • Key showing your custom colours etc

Swim lanes

  • You have two level of swim lane to best group your summary
  • Easily change the formatting of the lanes and dividing lines.
  • Complete control over the swim lanes; what they’re called, what they contain and where they appear in the summary.