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Updating with SummaryPro becomes a simple operation of filtering the detailed plan to display the reference flags, copy the table and paste into SummaryPro.  One click in excel, close and save and then one click in Visio and the plan is updated.  Check the result and make any comments on changes and the summary is ready to be printed / saved / copied into a presentation.

No analysis to understand what has changed, no interpretation of the plan, no inevitable human error or misalignment of items.  All completed in as little as 1 minute (see speed test video below).

Modifying the plan becomes a simple and quick operation; adding some lines to include new items or changing the time scale or changing colours is quick and easy.  Adding things from the detailed plan only requires the addition of some reference flags to the plan and add any new references to SummaryPro. 

Building the summary for the first time doesn’t take much more time than producing a summary in PowerPoint or Visio and subsequent updates are much, much faster.  This allow SummaryPro to pay for itself within months.

Speed test: Updating a Summary

A quick demonstration of the speed and ease with which you can update your Plan on a Page summary plans. Less than 1 minute to update an executive summary plan directly from the detailed project plan. Simple copy and paste and click to update. So easy and quick! Gone are the days of working out what has changed in the detailed plan, which bars need to change in a PowerPoint summary, lining things up and making the inevitable mistakes. Now simple, quick and error free updates can be easily made using SummaryPro.