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How to...Videos

Check out our growing library of "how to..." videos below, demonstrating the functionality and simplicity of SummaryPro.  If you have any suggestions for future videos, we'd love to hear from you so please get in touch.

A brief introduction to the components of SummaryPro

This is a quick tour of the elements that make up SummaryPro so that you're familiar with them when watching the other videos and using SummaryPro.

How to produce a Plan on a Page

A tutorial showing how to generate a Plan on a Page summary plan from your detailed project plan. This video takes you through the steps to copy information from your detailed project plan into SummaryPro and set up the report to generate the summary report that you want.

How to control colours using styles, display a matching key and span a bar across rows

A tutorial centred around the control of colours using styles set in the "standard settings" sheet and displaying a matching key.  This also shows how easy it is to set a bar to span rows, useful when pulling different streams together.   We also close up the gaps between swim-lanes.


How to insert new rows and using SummaryPro to combine data from Project and Excel

In this tutorial we see how easy it is to insert new data into the middle of an existing report and use this to combine information from MS Project and Excel into one seamless report.  The Excel information represents the minimum data set; simply references, names and dates.

How to display Critical Path, Progress, Baseline and RAG 

Assuming you have copied the relevant information across from your detailed planning tool SummaryPro can display Progress, RAG and Baseline bars and highlight the critical path in your Plan on a Page summary plan.  This tutorial shows you how to show (or hide) these items and the data which needs to be copied from your detailed plan.

Speed test - SummaryPro updating a Summary

A quick demonstration of the speed and ease with which you can update your Plan on a Page summary plans. Less than 1 minute to update an executive summary plan directly from the detailed project plan. Simple copy and paste and click to update. So easy and quick! Gone are the days of working out what has changed in the detailed plan, which bars need to change in a PowerPoint summary, lining things up and making the inevitable mistakes. Now simple, quick and error free updates can be easily made using SummaryPro.

How to guides which accompany the manual

The videos below have been produced using the first production version of SummaryPro and are designed to augment the manual.

Producing your first report

This video walks through the "1st report" section of the manual and produces a simple summary using a few lines of data entered directly into SummaryPro.

Adding comments

How to simply add the three types of comments to your 1st Plan on a Page summary plan.