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We offer three options:

  • A trial version: use SummaryPro free for 10 days with no strings attached.  This means that not only do you have a chance to confirm that it will work on your system but you also have access to all of the features and functionality of SummaryPro.  After 10 days it will cease to work and you can upgrade to one of the paid options below.
  • A subscription service: pay just £18 (£15+VAT) per month (per machine) to use SummaryPro.  If upgrading from the trial version all the summary plans you produced during the 10 day trial will work meaning you don't have to re-create them.  Future upgrades will be made available to you as part of the subscription price.
  • A one time payment: make a single payment of £420 (£350+VAT) per licence and own your copy of SummaryPro and enjoy upgrades for 1 year.

Use the buttons below to select which option you want to access.  Note that volume discounts (over 10 licences) are available as is the option to pay using Purchase Orders etc - just email us at sales@summarypro.co.uk.

SummaryPro is licenced per PC, i.e. a single licence is applied to a single machine when it is first used.  If you want to use it on multiple machines then multiple licences need to be bought.  SummaryPro is designed to work on local drives rather than network drives however the summary files can be used on any PC which is licenced to run SummaryPro.