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What is SummaryPro?

SummaryPro is a powerful tool for business and professional users who want to produce "plan on a page" summaries of project plans / schedules.  Each SummaryPro report or Plan on a Page consists of a pair of files:

  • The macro enabled excel file which receives the data from the detailed plan.
  • The Visio plan which displays the summary.

The Excel file is the engine into which you copy the raw plan information and it controls all the formatting, naming and location of the Plan on a Page.

The Visio file takes care of the display of the data as well as giving you further capabilities such as comments and special icons.  Once you have the summary plan exactly as you want it you can save it in a number of formats (JPEG, PDF etc), print it or copy/paste it into PowerPoint or Word etc.

SummaryPro is incredibly powerful and gives you flexibility and control of your Plan on a Page so you can produce the summary that you need for your audience.  Note that you produce many summaries from the same plan tuned to your audience and message.   SummaryPro replaces an error prone time consuming manual process.  It means you have more time for the important things and have a much higher quality output for a lot less effort.

What do you need?

The excel file uses macros so you will need to allow macros to run however it works on any version of Excel.  Obviously you will need Visio (again any version).  As such it is incredibly forward and backward compatible.   

It should be noted that we haven't been able to test every combination and so encourage you to test it works for you - hence the free trial; we can't be responsible if it doesn't work in your specific situation however we'd love to hear from you so that we can improve SummaryPro.

The source of the planning information can be MS Project, Excel, Primavera – basically anything that allows you to copy a table of information.  This means you can harmonise your summaries even if a range of planning tools are being used.