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Headline benefits for different audiences


Project and Program Manager

Spend less time producing reports and more time adding value.

Simplify complex plans into easy to understand attractive summary plan

The fact that SummaryPro drives the summaries directly from the detailed plans gives stakeholders confidence that they can believe and understand the plan

As producing and updating reports is now simple and quick it is easy to produce multiple summaries for different audiences from the same plan with minimal effort.

Project Managers



Quick, simple production of professional summaries

Different summaries from the same plan are automatically consistent with each other. 

Re-use a successful summary as a template for other reports giving a similar look across different summaries

Flexible inputs and outputs allow the PMO to receive plans from different tools.  The output flexibility means that summaries can be distributed in different ways as required by the audience.

SummaryPro makes apparently the apparently difficult easy and saves time and money.

Organisations and Consultants

SummaryPro simplifies the production of professional summaries improving the look and feel of reporting.

People are able to produce more for less effort releasing time to add more value to teams and clients.

Templates allow successful reports to be cloned with no additional effort.

Reports are consistent because the detailed plan becomes the single source of truth rather than being interpreted for different audiences and by different people.

Saves time and money

Organisations and consultants

Customers and Clients

Customers and Clients

Confidence that the plans presented are driven directly from the detailed plans with no errors.

Clear, easy to read Plan on a Page reports simplify communication and leaves more time to understand the reports.

SummaryPro makes it easy to produce tailored reports providing the summary which the customer or client needs without imposing higher work loads on the project team or PMO.

Reports are consistent with each other further increasing confidence in the underlying plans