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Welcome to SummaryPro

Thank you for downloading SummaryPro.  The pair Excel and Visio files are now available in a new "SummaryPro" folder in your documents folder.  To get SummaryPro ready to use you need to:

  • Copy the original files to your preferred location so you always have the originals to go back to.
  • In Excel enable macros and trust the content from VisiPlan.
  • Display the custom SummaryPro stencils in Visio.
  • If you have bought a licence enter the number you received in an email when requested.

If you downloaded the free trial you have 10 days from today to test out and become familiar with SummaryPro.  The trial has all SummaryPro functionality and capabilities; it isn't restricted in any way so you have a true test for those 10 days.  When you then buy SummaryPro all that changes is the licence so all the Summary Plans you produce during the trial will continue to work.


Enabling Macros and trusting VisiPlan's SummaryPro macros 

Open one of your SummaryPro excel files and a warning will be displayed (below) to alert you to the fact that the workbook contains macros.  This is normal.

 Macro warning

Simply clicking on the “Enable content” button will enable the macros and SummaryPro can function however it is better to trust all content from VisiPlan so that this warning doesn’t interrupt your work in future.  This also allows you to inspect the certificate to confirm that it is OK.

To trust content from VisiPan click on the File menu, then Info on the left-hand side and click on the “Enable content” button in the Security warning section and select “Advanced Options”.

Enable macros - advanced

This displays the “Security alert – Macros” dialogue in which you can confirm that the digital signature or code signing certificate is valid and issued by VisiPlan.  You can see more details about the certificate if you click on “Show Signature Details”.

Trust Visiplan macros

Clicking on “Trust all documents from this publisher” and OK will allow the macros vital to SummaryPro to run.

Trusting macros in Visio

The update macro in Visio was originally produced by bVisual (Microsoft Valued Professional) and should be trusted by clicking on the dialogue that appears the first time you open a SummaryPro Visio file, once you h have confirmed the macro was signed by bVisual.  

Trust bVisual

Display the SummaryPro stencils in Visio

To display these shapes, and allow SummaryPro to work, simply click on More Shapes (in the stencil area) and then select “My Shapes” / Summary Pro / click on each of the stencils.

Display vss files

Note that in some cases this will need to be repeated in each of the new Visio files.

Keep in touch about updates etc.

To ensure that we can contact you with any updates which are released during your trial period please provide your name and email below.  We may also reach out to understand what improvements you'd like to see to SummaryPro.