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Get Involved

Currently SummaryPro is in Beta testing and we need a diverse group of people to test that it is ready for release.   This will allow us to test it in different environments and situations as well as gather great suggestions from new users for improvements which can be made.

What’s in it for you?

If and when you’re selected, you will receive a full function Beta copy of the software to use in return for reporting any issues / improvements to use.  You will receive:

  • An introduction to the tool and regular communication with us.
  • Access to a dedicated Beta tester forum to discuss observations or receive support.
  • Full use of the tool during the beta period
  • First sight of new functionality when it is introduced in the future (assuming you’re happy to remain a beta tester)
  • A calendar year of free access to the production tool when it is released

The Beta period is expected to last up to 3 months however we may reduce / extend this depending on what we all find out.

What are we expecting from the Beta test

  • Confirmation that the tool is ready for release by testing it in different environments
  • Great feedback on what makes SummaryPro brilliant and what needs to be improved.
  • The start of a supportive and inclusive community of users who find SummaryPro useful and are happy to share this experience.

Interested but don’t want to be a tester?

If for any reason, you’d prefer not to be a tester you can still get involved on the forums and via our short update messages. Sign up for our regular newsletter emails here.