Download 10 day free SummaryPro trial

SummaryPro comes in two "flavours" which give exactly the same functionality in terms of producing summary plans however the licencing function differs in that:

  • 32 Bit Only: Does not require any .exe files which means that it is easier to install and typically doesn't require IT support or cause the same level of concerns that an executable file can.  As the name suggests this can only work with 32 bit versions of Excel (2007 onwards).
  • All bits: This "flavour" works on all PC versions of Excel (32 and 64 bit) however the licence requires a small .exe file to work.

Both "flavours" have different installation buttons depending on the version of Windows that you are installing under (32 or 64bit).  If you are unsure of which version of Excel or Windows you are running it is easy to check: instructions here

installing with no executable files

The above installation files are all executable files which significantly simplify the process of installing SummaryPro. If your environment doesn't permit the downloading of executable files click onthe button below to download a zip file and manually install the SummaryPro Trial (32 excel only)