Zip files

Trial Files

In some environments it is not possible to download executable (.exe) files which means that the download files used to make the installation of SummaryPro as easy as possible will cause issues.

The need to avoid .exe files also means that this version of SummaryPro will only work on 32 bit versions of Excel.

In this case use the button below to download a plain .zip file and then follow the instructions to extract and move files to their final locations (basically you do the actions that the .exe file would have done).  As this is a manual process there is no distinction between 32 and 64 bit versions of windows


Download the zip and extract to c:\users\public.  It is vital that you extract the file (right mouse, extract)

Navigate to the folder c:\users\public\SharedLicense where you will find a series of files arranged in folders.  Move these files as detailed below.

Folder Files Actions



Do not touch these files

SummaryPro Shapes.vss


Create a new folder in your documents: \My Shapes\SummaryPro

Move files to this folder


SummaryPro Max v1 32b build 1-5.vsdx

SummaryPro Max v1 32b build 1-5.xlsm

SummaryPro v1 32b build 1-5.vsdx

SummaryPro v1 32b build 1-5.xlsm

Create a new folder in your documents: \SummaryPro\Original Files

Move files to this folder


Simple SummaryPro plan.mpp

Dependencies - SummaryPro plan.mpp

pattern key.vsd

Create a new folder in your documents: \SummaryPro\Examples

Move files to this folder


You have now completed the installation of SummaryPro, click on the link below to be taken to the post installation instructions.

Upgrading to a paid version

If you have paid for a licence and face the same issue with the executable installation files simply download the appropriate zip file and extract the ticket file into the c:\users\public\SharedLicense.



Following the installation of the ticket file the next time you open a SummaryPro excel file you will be asked for the licence number which was supplied by email when you bought either your Subscription or One Time purchase licence.